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The Simple 3 Step System + Software That Is Helping Ordinary People Make As Much As $115,879.29 Per Day Online! Plus the $26 MILLION Dollar Case Study On How They Did It Using This Brand New Automation Tool!


Sylvia here and I totally screwed up.

You see, as you know Robby’s been running these workshops all week on his proven 3 step system for generating $100’s and $1000’s per day online.

Many of you had been reaching out to Robby saying you couldn’t register for the workshop! Robby asked me to take a look into why that was happening and believe it or not I found a glitch!

UGH! I’m so sorry about that and I know chances are you were really excited about the training.

Now if you were able to get in and watch the training awesome, but if you weren’t able to…I have the solution.

I’ve asked my team to go ahead and automatically register you for tomorrow’s workshop so that way there is no confusion. I hope that’s ok?

Sorry again for the confusion and here’s what I need you to do.

1. Be on the lookout for an invite from GoToWebinar in your inbox.

That will be where you can attend tomorrow’s workshops.

2. Here is your personal link: BUSINESS LINK

We do have limited number of spots per workshop, make sure you show up early =) Thanks again for being so understanding and can’t wait to see you on tomorrow’s workshop…it’s going to be a GREAT one! 🙂



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