Sushi is a very famous dish being consumed allover the world these days. There are different types of sushi dishes made with different type sof flavors other than the traditional rice andraw fish style. There are several ways in which sushi can be prepared; some rolled in the no ris heets, some can be scattered on the rice cooked in vinegar or even by doing stuffing in the to fupouches. This dish named sushi is very versatile that can be consumed at any time of the day.

Sushi is actually just not referred to raw seafood or raw fish; in fact it is actually rice cooked in vinegar which is served simultaneously with cooked or raw sea food. Varieties of sauce sare used to eat this dish.There are some tips that should be conside redinitially to make sushi. Initially, every individual is required to consider that he or sheeats raw sea food or not. There are some alternatives also available such as boiled shrimp, sea urchin, squid, crab and even fishroe. This dish is very simple to make that just requires seasoning and rice cooked in vinegar.Rice is required for the purpose of base of the dish along with the fish or some other type ofsea food with wasabi sauce.

Short grained rice is required to be boiled with equal portions ofwater until cooked. One table spoon of sushi vinegar in every single cup of rice is needed tobe added after this. If you are going to make sushi as nigiri type, use your hands to give shape like small pile of the sushi rice.

Take approximately two table spoons of sushi rice and then roll them in the oval shape. The top surface of this pile is required to be flattened and wasabi paste is needed to be spread on the surface. Then a very thin slice of any of the raw fish or sea food is placed which is generally of the size 2 x 5 cm.



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